I specialize in capturing the beauty and magic of your special day. As a wedding photographer, I understand that each couple's love story is unique and deserves to be celebrated in its own way. That's why I take a client-focused approach to my work, taking the time to understand your vision and style, so that I can create a personalized experience that exceeds your expectations. With a passion for spontaneous photography, I aim to capture those natural moments that truly reflect the love and joy of your wedding day. Less posing, more loving.

Photography is a form of visual storytelling and wedding photography is a way to write, preserve and share your story forever. So if you're looking for a photographer who will make your special day even more memorable, then do check out my portfolio and get in touch!

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About me

I am a Belgium based weddingphotographer living in the Northern part of the country. Me and my family live in Tienen, close to Leuven and Brussels.

To be honest, I got into photography because of my bad memory and the desire to capture all these moments that otherwise seemed to disappear in the flow of time. But, even when taking pictures, you do not get a neutral, scientific reproduction of what happened. The result is determined by the perspective, by the choices made by the photographer what to include in the frame and what stays in the background. Photography is storytelling.

It is precisely this ability to tell stories that distinguishes us as humans. Since the beginning of time, humans have known the art - but also the necessity - of storytelling as a way of passing on memories to future generations. And as we all know, stories are never a dry account, nor a collection of neutral facts, but rather an attempt to convey memories, not as they happened, but as we experienced them.

It is this philosophy that I also try to incorporate into my work. I will make you a visual story, not just a set of photographs.

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Your wedding day with all big and small moments captured on camera . Afterwards, you will receive your photos in a beautiful online gallery where you can view, share and download them in high resolution. The included hard cover photo album really brings the images to life and saves them for years to come.

Starting at €1.649 for 6 hours of wedding photography